hey friends do you want to buy my art ok here are some rules and stuff

  • if you have a serious request email me at frenumsart@gmail.com with what you want
  • you can choose between paint or sai (art programs) 
  • payments are made through paypal, email me with a request, you have to pay me before i start your artwork or else you won’t receive it (paypal email is also frenumsart@gmail.com)
  • after you receive your art you can post it wherever but please credit me!
  • nothing weird or sexual ok im not that kinda artist

your 4 options: all are black and white be default unless you tell me you want color

  1. icons ($5): i’ll draw you an icon of a character/you/friends/idk whatever, if you want to make it color it’s an extra $3
  2. comic ($9): something like my skeleton comics, send me your idea and i’ll draw it for you (it can’t be too complex, i.e. too much dialogue/character goes too many places/does too many things) for color it’s an extra $5
  3. full body character ($20): any character doing almost anything you want them to be doing  (add $10 for each extra character and $5 for color)
  4. something custom (price varies): if you want something not listed here, send me an email of what you want and we can talk about it

other stuff:

  • if you really want me to hand draw something and ship it over to you like really really then shoot me an email and we’ll talk prices 
  • please dont send me a request via ask, email is much easier and it won’t get buried and lost


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