Anonymous asked: MassArt is a great school!!!

im only applying so i can draw memes with @kingcheddarxvii

I’m so busy

I’m so busy


Gummo, Harmony Korine, 1997

Anonymous asked: How do you make your hair do the thing, please I want my hair to do the thing too

idk man really depends on your hair i’ve been using marc anthony beach waves spray & scrunching it plus it smells good so :+)

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(via 【激撮】美しい礁湖にひしめくサメ | web R25)


(via 【激撮】美しい礁湖にひしめくサメ | web R25)

Anonymous asked: im in love w you

Kevin Lucbert

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white guys connect

yeah baby

where are ya




More patterns

shadowwolf94 asked: Hey.... what if someone in another universe wrote a story, maybe a bad one, maybe a good one, but a story non the less, and so our universe came into existence so that at some point in our universe, that story can take place. Everything exists, because somewhere, at some point, a single story has to happen.

im too fucked up for this rn

grimchild replied to your post: wh

That was beautiful

i want to CRUSH them with my hands


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