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Anonymous asked: What is your opinion on the platypus?

Anonymous asked: is your original hair color very dark?? if so did you bleach it b4 dyeing it?? i wanna dye my hair a similar color but ive never done it so im not sure how to go about it, your hair is lovely tho :-)

yeah it was black i used manic panic 30 vol bleach and let it process for like 20 min & then i mixed voodoo blue with green envy and now Here We Are

*makes pasta* i love to have a good time

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Rupert Homes - Escape (The Pina Colada Song)

Yes, I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

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Anonymous asked: first question: are you gonna be restocking your store ever maybe? second question: your links look like they're saying ask me about comics did you do that on purpose

yes in january i don’t have any screen printing materials rn lol and no! did not realize until u pointed that out very interesting discovery 


i am honestly so bad at smash i’m only good with little mac and it is the saddest thing. i will try harder sorry if i let anyone down

iguanamouth replied to your post: grimchild replied to your post: donut …


grimchild replied to your post: donut hole update: only 3 left :^(

mail them to my mouth

are you still in sf i can probably toss them to u from my roof

donut hole update: only 3 left :^(


me when frenums likes one of my posts: omg! does this mean I am tumblr famous now??? xD

power within

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